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When was the last time you smiled so widely that your teeth made an appearance? Do you have to avoid eating your favourite ice-cream just because your teeth hurt? Does toothache keep you up at night or leave you clutching your jaw all day? It's definitely time for a dental check up! Olive is a group of dental clinics in Kerala with branches at Mangalam, Kavilakkad and Koottayi. It is our policy to provide quality treatment in an ethical manner to every patient who chooses us. We'll put that smile back on your face, so you can put your favourite ice-cream in your healthy mouth! At Olive Dental Clinic, we care, and he cures.

Why Choose us

We have the most modern, state of the art dental facilities to give you the best experience.

Olive has a dedicated team of full time and visiting consultants to focus on important healthcare issues and research that affect patients of all ages. Our team of dedicated doctors is highly qualified and committed to excellence in providing an aesthetically pleasing environment to ensure quality in medical care.

The Emergency Department (ED) at olive dental Center provides urgent care to patients who have traumatic injury, major illnesses or other issues that require immediate treatment. The staff includes physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who follow specific procedures so that you can get the care you need as quickly as possible.

The Olive hospital experience often marking a central point in their lives. They matter to health systems: they are instrumental for care coordination and integration and have a key role to play in supporting other health-care providers (including primary health care) and in community outreach and home-based services. They also often provide a setting for education of doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals and are a critical base for clinical research.